Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unstuck Part 3

Today is an extension of last week.  We focused on Hebrews 10:32 through the end of Chapter 11.  If we’re going through attacks or tough times, we need to be reminded of the times when we have seen God’s power.  We need to have childlike faith that would believe despite what we see around us that God will come through.  Faith is substance and evidence of what we don’t see.  Remember there is often a period of time between conception and birth in the spiritual realm just as in pregnancy.  We have to stick to it until we see God’s word come to pass. 

We are designed to operate like God does, by speaking what we believe (maybe over and over for a long time until we believe).  We have all we need to make anything we need in the Spirit.  We discussed Noah’s faith as discussed in Chapter 11 and Genesis 6.  Noah was 500 years old when God came to him, and it had never rained before (ever).  He believed despite this and built the ark, but the flood didn’t happen for another 100 years!   [bonus: Adam lived to be 930 years old.  Noah’s dad could have known Adam for 56 years.  Noah’s son lived long enough to have known Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.]  Hebrews 11:32 encourages us that there are people who have gone through far worse than us because of their faith, and that we can do even greater things than they did.  Remember that God doesn’t give a command without the provision to fulfill it.  We want to always employ God to go beyond our abilities.  Our church recently had Jesse Duplantis speak God’s blessing of supernatural increase in finances, joy, and discernment/wisdom over our church.  This is for all the members of the church.

Things to do to move forward:

1) Be connected and stay connected.

2) Invite someone else to church.

3) Never minimize the importance of giving to the church (we reap what we sow).  This is between you and God, and is not about the amount but about our heart.  Don’t give emotionally or out of presumption above what you believe.  Develop the faith and give accordingly.

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