Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keys to Operating in the Blessing Part 1

We’ve been talking about what blessing is and how it operates.  Now we’re going to start talking about keys to experiencing and operating in the blessing of God that will help us run our race. 

The process of how blessing works is the following:  It goes from God to man, and the priest blesses the church.  We are also to bless other people, and through those things we bless God.  This is what we are talking about today.  How do we bless others?  The blessing is equipping to run their races.  That means when we bless others we find out what they are doing and help them run their race.  Sometimes it is physical help.  Sometimes it is earnestly praying for them.  Sometimes it is other things.

Genesis 12:1 and forward.  God not only blessed Abraham but also said he would be a blessing to others.  God says He will bless those who bless us…So we also should bless those who are blessed.  What does this mean?  Who does God say are blessed?  Matthew 5 in the beatitudes  shows who Jesus says is blessed in God’s eyes.  We are going to learn how to identify those who are blessed and learn how to bless them.  The blessed are not the chosen but those who God is equipping for something.

The first one is blessed are the poor in spirit.  The best meaning for this is those who are selfless.  How do we bless someone who is selfless?  By investing in whatever they are working to help with and equip them in what they are focused on.  The next one I want to focus on is blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  Mourn in the Greek means those who cry out to God, those who are faced with a difficult circumstances and seek God’s aid in getting through it.  The comfort that comes is the Holy Spirit.  Note in John 14:26 says the Holy Spirit will remind us of what God said and what He has provided for us.  John 16:7 reiterates this.  The Spirit takes from what belongs to Jesus and gives to us to equip us.  How do we bless those in mourning?  Remind them of who God is, what He said, and what He has done. 

The last one is blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.  Meek means those who operate in humility.  The problem is that we think of humility as people who are always beating themselves up and being beaten up by others.  Humility is someone who is teachable and does not think they already know it.  Confidence is not pride.  Pride is when you think you know more than everyone else.  They feel that in every circumstance and from every person, even if we fail, we can learn.  How do we bless the meek?  We teach and equip them to learn and gain wisdom.  We don’t offer expecting them to listen to everything we say but just offering to help with wisdom from our experience.  If the word of God is on your tongue, you are a teacher.

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