Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keys to Operating in the Blessing Part 3

Today we are talking about faith as a key to operating in the blessing.  Anything that is truly blessing can only come from God.  Everything from God operates by faith.  We obtain grace through faith, then we function in the blessing by love. Faith is having full confidence in God.  Abraham considered Him faithful who made the promise.  We want to be like that.

James 2:14 and forward shows the balance that comes in our faith walk.  One extreme is name it claim it ( I believe it, I get it), and one is leaning entirely on your own works for what you get (God blesses the work of our hands, but it is not the only way God blesses us).    Sometimes we just have to believe and other times we have to set our hand diligently to things (step out and start moving and trust God to steer you).

There are two types of faith.  Natural faith is believing in yourself.  It is based in the natural.  It will work sometimes but not always.  This is not the kind of faith that moves mountain.  Here our faith is in our faith and our ability to believe.  This is “praying and believing for God to do this” instead of believing God already did it.  Instead of trying to get God move, we are supposed to get on board with God and see done what has already been done for us.  The other type of faith is God-like faith.  Luke 17:20,  1 Timothy 1:14, and  John 15:4-8 say that we are in and surrounded by Christ, and He is in us as well.  What is God kind of faith.  When He created the universe, did He wonder whether it would happen when He spoke it?  We are required to believe the Word is true and act like it is true.  Confession of the scripture is important in order to change what is inside of us (our thoughts and beliefs), so it is easier for us to believe.  When mountains in your life move and give you victory as a result of faith in God, it brings glory to God.  My trust is not in my strength, but in the fact that Christ is in me.  God gave you enough faith to overcome whatever may come at you in life.  He knows what will come against you.

I can prove to you that you have God kind of faith.  1 John 5 says that if we know you have eternal life and are saved then we have that kind of faith.  We just need to apply it to the rest of God’s word.  If you can be talked out of what you believe, it was natural faith.  A fact is truth based on what is known.  Facts can change.   The truth of God’s word does not change.  We pull on the God faith Jesus planted in us.

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