Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Love My Church! - Part 1

Here at Living Word we have created a campaign called, "I Love My Church." We have t-shirts and bumper stickers and all sorts of paraphernalia. Last Sunday morning someone posed an interesting question. It was related to me by one of our volunteer staff, so I do not know what the "tone" of the question was. But here is what was asked... Shouldn't we be saying. "I Love my God?"

I paused for a moment, thinking about the question. Certainly our focus for this program is to raise awareness about the church. Are we too caught up with marketing that we lost focus of the real object of our affection?

Then I realized that, if we are to live out the Christian walk, people should KNOW we love God without us advertising it. Our love for God is far more than slogans on t-shirts or stickers on the backs of our cars. We demonstrate our love for God, not by keeping religious rules and mandates, but by loving one another.

We live in a nation in which 70-80% of people call themselves Christians - yet less than 20% regularly attend church. People have lots of reasons why they don't attend church. Many are based on negative perceptions or experiences. Some are based on the simple idea that church is boring or it's a chore. If people view church as a chore they will only attend for so long.

We want people to know that there are others, as weird as it sounds, that LOVE to go to church.. and not just "holy rollers" -- but people just like them who go to church because they get something out of it and have a group of others who are like family to them.

Whatever church you attend, you should love your church. In fact, Jesus loved the church so much that he laid down his life for her. So, I think it is good thing to love your church!